The Department for Education introduced compulsory relationships and sex education (RSE) for secondary pupils from September 2020, in addition to compulsory health education.

As part of this, all schools are required to consult with parents when developing and reviewing their policies for relationships and sex education, which will inform decisions on when and how certain content is covered.

Effective engagement gives the space and time for parents to input, ask questions, share concerns and for the academy to decide the way forward. Academies will listen to parents’ views, and then make a reasonable decision as to how they wish to proceed. When and how content is taught is ultimately a decision for the academy, and consultation does not provide a parental veto on curriculum content.

You can find further details about the introduction of compulsory relationships education, as well as answers to many other frequently asked questions, on the government website:

Our current policy

You can view our current policy here.

Completing the survey

You can access the survey here. Please note the survey is available to complete at any point, with no end date – responses will be reviewed periodically, and taken into account when the policy is reviewed each year